We Value Our Relationships With Landowners

Energy Transfer is committed to building and maintaining strong, positive relationships with all landowners and stakeholders.

Property owners are entitled by law to receive compensation for having a pipeline on their property. It is our intent to live up to our promises to landowners and the community of openness, honesty and responsiveness to questions and concerns before, during and after construction and throughout operations.

Land agents are the primary point of contact for all landowners with a right-of-way on their property for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Land agents make sure any of your concerns, comments or suggestions are heard and questions answered.

If you have general questions or if you are a landowner and you have misplaced the contact information for your land agent, you can reach us at: 800-786-2255

If you would like to report suspected vandalism, you can reach our security team at: 855-430-4491.

If you notice anyone digging near our pipeline or if you suspect a leak, please call our emergency hotline: 800-753-5531.

If you would like to learn about pipelines in your community, including our Public Awareness Program, please call: 877-795-7271.


Stakeholder Engagement Policy

In addition to our own guidelines, Energy Transfer has adopted America's Natural Gas Transporters' Commitment to Landowners, which has been endorsed by the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) and is applicable to all of our infrastructure projects across all product lines.


Respect and Trust

Positive, meaningful relationships are based on mutual respect and trust. We are committed to understand issues from the stakeholder's perspective, as those issues relate to our plans and project needs.

Accurate and Timely Information

We will consistently provide stakeholders with accurate and timely information regarding the importance of energy infrastructure, the reason and need for proposed projects, and the processes in place that govern our projects.

Negotiate in Good Faith

We will listen to, and strive to understand, stakeholders' concerns while negotiating honestly and in good faith.

Responding to Concerns

We will timely respond to stakeholders' concerns. In addition to a local outreach team, we will provide stakeholders with a single point of contact to enable direct communications in responding to project concerns.


We will engage with affected stakeholders early in the planning process. We will communicate with, and develop relationships with, members of the local community, state and local government officials, regulatory officials, and all other affected stakeholders.

Ongoing Commitment to Training

We believe in continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. We will train our employees and representatives to interact positively and productively with all stakeholders.

Human Rights

Energy Transfer recognizes that governments and agencies have the primary responsibility to promote and protect human rights. We will work with these governments and agencies to support and respect human rights as they pertain to applicable laws and regulations. Energy Transfer is committed to building trust, delivering mutual advantage and demonstrating respect for human dignity in all relationships.